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Graphic Design

Client: Baker & Taylor

Baker & Taylor is a leading distributor of books, video and music products to libraries, institutions and retailers.

Spotlight is their B2B Music Buyer’s Guide sent to retailers in both printed and digital formats showcasing the latest label and studio releases in music and video.

Below are just a few of the 2-page spread interactive ads I designed for the Spotlight platform.

My Role

Graphic Design I Photo Illustration I Post Production

Client: Charlotte Dance Gypsies

Gypsy Meltdown is an annual contra dance weekend hosted by the Charlotte Dance Gypsies, a local dance group.

T-shirt design celebrating 25 years of Gypsy Meltdown. Silkscreen metallic silver on black tee.

Buttons to be worn by dancers indicating what type of dancer they are.

Flyer design to attract new dancers.

Web banners for social media outlets announcing previous years events with various themed dances. Made into stickers to promote the dances.

My Role

Concept Development I Graphic Design I Photo Illustration I Post Production

Client: Dilworth Community Association

Reaching almost 5500 residences and business in the Charlotte, N.C. historic neighborhood of Dilworth, the Dilworth Quarterly Newsletter is published 4 times a year highlighting stories, events and news in the neighborhood.

Working as the lead designer, I work closely with the editors, president and marketing staff each quarter to brainstorm content and assign articles to our team of writers.

I then layout the final articles, advertisements and graphics to fit. The final step is sending to the printer to get the two-color newsletter printed and mailed out into people’s mailboxes on time.

My Role

Art Direction I Graphic Design I Post Production

Project Timeline

3-4 Days

36 page layout

2 color offset printing

Book Jackets

Clients: Grand Central Publishing,
Penguin Random House,
St. Martins Press,
Simon & Schuster

My Role

Concept Development I Graphic Design I Photo Illustration I Retouching I Post Production

Over the years I’ve had the chance to design a variety of book covers ranging from fiction to non-fiction.

After discussing, concepting and defining a title’s audience and market placement – often involving the editor, art director and author – I would start with a series of sketches which I’d refine by adding stock photography, texture, and typography.

Process example: The original cover concept for Bethenny Frankel “Skinnydipping” was to show a cocktail drink with the NYC skyline as a backdrop. After a few photoshop sketches to show direction, the decision was made to have Bethenny herself be on the cover. Celebrity photographer Joseph Cultice took the original image of Bethenny, which the art director and I then incorporated into the cover, beginning as a series of various layouts, before taking to final.

Approvals along the entire process involved the author, agent, publisher, art director and myself.

Photo Illustration

Client: United Nations International Day of Peace

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples.

Poster art created for Charlotte, North Carolina’s participation in the United Nations Day of International Peace.

Working from a model’s image I had previously photographed in studio, my intention was to add elements to convey a sense of global unity, but more specifically the interconnectedness of all life, from the tiniest insects to humans to the planet as a whole.

My Role

Concept Development I  Photography I Photo Illustration I Retouching

Next Project

Website design + Development – Metrolina Transport

If you are interested in my work and would like to collaborate, I would love to connect with you.





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